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  • The “look” and appearance of ePIRATE has being updated
  • Most of the functionality, including buttons and screen views, to which you have become accustomed will remain unchanged
The biggest change you will notice includes:
  • The “My Home” navigator button in the upper right corner of the ePIRATE home screen that used to direct you to your personal workspace has been moved to the upper left side of the ePIRATE home screen and has been renamed “Dashboard”

Updated ePIRATE educational tools, reflecting the upgrade, have been uploaded on the ePIRATE page of our website

The Office of Research Integrity & Compliance (ORIC) website has been re-designed. This re-design reflects the growth of the office from “the IRB” to an office that is charged with ensuring compliance in matters related to human research, conflicts of interest (COI), export control, responsible conduct of research (RCR), and HIPAA Compliance as it applies to human research.
You will find the ORIC website is composed of three distinct, but related, sub-sites. The sub-sites include University & Medical Center Institutional Review Board (UMCIRB); Research Compliance Administration; and Research HIPAA Compliance.
The UMCIRB subsite contains all of the information you are used to finding when you visited the UMCIRB site prior to the redesign. The navigation tabs are now at the top of the screen and are somewhat similar to the navigation tabs on the old website. In addition to the existing information from the old website you will find new information and links related human research. The new information and links have been added to reflect the evolving nature of human research at ECU and its affiliated institutions. As before, you will continue to find the link to ePIRATE in the UMCIRB sub-site.
The Research Compliance Administration sub-site contains all of the information you are used to finding when you visited the ECU Research Compliance website prior to the re-design. You will continue to find information related COI and management of COI, RCR, Export Controls and the link to AIR (Activities, Interests, and Relationships Management System), the portal to manage all disclosure and request forms related to COI and commitment.
The Research HIPAA Compliance subsite is a new site. This sub-site contains information related to regulations, policies and procedures and forms and documents relevant to maintaining compliance with HIPAA requirements as they relate to human research.

Welcome to the ORIC - UMCIRB

This website contains the information you need to submit your human research for review and approval by the University & Medical Center Institutional Review Board (UMCIRB).

The primary function of the UMCIRB is to protect the rights and welfare of human participants in research at East Carolina University, Vidant Medical Center and its affiliates, and in research conducted elsewhere by faculty, students, staff or other representatives of the University in connection with their responsibilities or education. This mission is accomplished by an institutional commitment to education and establishment of a collaborative relationship with the researchers and key support staff.

The information you will find on this website includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Access to the electronic IRB submission system known as ePIRATE;
  • UMCIRB Standard Operating Practices;
  • Institutional training requirements for persons involved in the conduct of human research;
  • Links to CITI training, ePIRATE training and other training applicable to human research;
  • FAQs related to human research, IRB oversight and ePIRATE;
  • UMCIRB Rosters;
  • UMCIRB forms, documents and templates, and
  • Links to other websites such as FDA and OHRP