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IT Network Issue - Resolved

Posted: May 24

The previously reported IT network issue impacting phone services,, Blackboard, Banner, Banner ODS, PiratePort, Pirate Drive, Kronos, Outlook, and Cisco VPN has been resolved.

Please contact the ECU Help Desk at 252-328-9866, or, if you are experiencing issues.

ITCS Notifications
ECU | Information Technology & Computing Services (ITCS)
1000 E. 5th Street
Greenville, NC 27858-4353
Office: 252-328-9866 | |

To check the authenticity of this e-mail:

Visit the ECU IT Help Desk page ( where you can review our "System Status" section.

Need Help?
If you experience any difficulties in relation to this announcement or have any questions, please contact the ECU IT Help Desk by phone at 252-328-9866 or via the Web at

ITCS Notifications:

Computing Systems Maintenance Schedule
Please keep in mind that regular maintenance on all computing systems is performed on Sundays between the hours of 5:00 am - 12:00 pm. If there are other times that systems will be down, notification will be sent through ITCS Notifications.

ITCS Notification - Daily SPAM Quarantine Notifications

Posted: May 23
Daily SPAM Quarantine notifications are not being sent out properly to ECU faculty and staff. Technicians are aware of the issue and working to resolve it.

As a workaround, you can access the SPAM Quarantine by going to and logging in with your ECU E-mail address and passphrase, then clicking on Threat Management, then click on Review, and then click on Quarantine.

ITCS Notification – SabaMeeting Issue with Android Devices

Posted: May 18
If you do not use an Android device to join or watch recordings of SabaMeeting events, please disregard this message.

As of the recent SabaMeeting upgrade, we have discovered an issue with the SabaMeeting Android app that prevents users from seeing any of their sessions or recordings. As a workaround, Android users can click on the attend link in the e-mail that they receive when they are enrolled in a SabaMeeting event. Doing so will redirect the user to that event within the SabaMeeting app. Recordings can be viewed by clicking on a playback link which can be provided by the instructor in this same manner.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. Saba is aware of the issue and is actively working on a fix which they say will be in place by the end of June.


Intermittent Phone Outage

Posted: May 22
System/Service: Intermittent Phone Outage
When: Today, Tuesday, May 22nd from 8:00 PM to 11:30 PM
Description: Tonight (Tuesday, May 22nd) at 8:00 PM, ITCS will be performing a reboot to all VoIP call servers (Cisco IP Telephones). This maintenance should conclude by 11:30 PM. During this time frame sporadic outages in telephone service may occur. If you plan to be on campus during this time frame, please make sure you have an alternate form of communication available, such as a cell phone.

ECU ITCS Security Alert - Phishing Scheme

Posted: May 22

ECU ITCS Security Alert - Phishing Scheme

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 2018

WARNING! The campus is seeing a phishing scheme telling users: "This is a notification to all Faculty, Staff and Student of East carolina university,
that we are verifying all email accounts and linking all university email account to the school data base directory for better acceessibility and security,
this development is as a result of frequent email hack, so we are putting measures to update and upgrade security check of every of our university directory.

If you receive one of these emails, please ignore and delete it. If you clicked on the link in the email you should change your passphrase immediately.

Reminder: ITCS reminds the campus to avoid e-mail scams, hoaxes and Phishing schemes circulating on the Internet and to not provide their password in response to such emails. Scams purporting to be from East Carolina University, Service Helpdesk, ECU IT, ECU Helpdesk, the Web Master, Webmail, the IRS, Your Financial Institution, etc. are bombarding e-mail mailboxes. Although IronPort blocks the majority of such e-mails, some scams successfully reach your e-mail mailbox.

NEVER provide personal or sensitive information in response to any unsolicited e-mail. Don't open unsolicited e-mail attachments. No matter how realistic or enticing the e-mail message, you must remain vigilant in not responding to an e-mail hoax or scam. Just delete it! You can always contact the IT Help Desk to verify the authenticity of an e-mail. ITCS will post our announcements at, users can go there to verify the authenticity of an IT related announcement.

If you have provided personal or sensitive information in response to an e-mail scam and don't know what to do, please contact ECU's IT Help Desk at 328-9866 or

Visit the IT Security website, for examples of e-mail scams and additional information on avoiding them.