Speech-language pathologists work to prevent, assess, diagnose, and treat speech, language, social communication, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders in children and adults. Audiologists are health-care professionals who evaluate, diagnose, treat, and manage hearing loss, tinnitus, and balance disorders in newborns, children, and adults.


Boorom Successfully Defends MS Thesis

Boorom Successfully Defends MS Dissertation

On Friday, April 13, 2018, Olivia Boorom successfully defended her MS thesis titled "The Influence of Language Phenotype on Predictors of Emergent Literacy in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders". Boorom's dissertation committee members included: Dr. Kevin O'Brien, Dr. Balaji Rangarathnam, Dr. Christy Walcott, and Dr. Marianna Walker (Committee Chair).

ACPA's 75th Annual Meeting

Dr. Jamie Perry's Cleft Team

The American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association (ACPA) is hosting its 75th Annual Meeting this week in Pittsburgh, PA. Our CSDI Cleft Palate Speech Imaging and Visualization Lab, led by Dr. Jamie Perry along with some of the program's former students are responsible for 9 of the 300 academic research papers being presented during the conference. We are proud of the excellent research being conducted in her lab and the opportunity to share it with others in the field to advance the understanding of cleft palate speech!

Pictured from left to right: Eshan Pua (MS graduate), Kazlin Mason (PhD graduate), Graham Schenck (PhD graduate), Lakshmi Kollara-Sunil (PhD graduate and Postdoctoral Scholar), Jillian Nyswonger (MS graduate), Dr. Jamie Perry, and Katelyn Kotlarek (current PhD Student).

Sarah Faucette Successfully Defends PhD Dissertation

Sarah Faucette Successfully Defends PhD Dissertation

Dr. Sarah Faucette successfully defended her PhD dissertation "Release From Masking: Behavioral And Electrophysiological Measures In Young And Older Listeners" on Wednesday, March 28th. Faucette's dissertation committee included: Dr. Gregg Givens, Dr. Andrew Stuart (Committee Director), Dr. Paul Vos, and Dr. Ning Zhou.

CSDI Hosts Members of the NC Scottish Rite Foundation

Dr. Jamie Perry and 1st graduate students

On Tuesday, March 27th, the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders hosted members of the NC Scottish Rite Foundation for a social event. Along with snacks and refreshments, the NC Scottish Rite Foundation members received a tour of the Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic, talked with faculty members and representatives of the College of Allied Health Sciences, and heard from students about the impact the Foundation's support has had on their education. With the support of the NC Scottish Rite Foundation, ECU's Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic is able to offer the Scottish Rite Childhood Language Program. The Program specializes in providing low-cost diagnostic evaluations and therapeutic interventions to children and adolescents who are suspected of having or who have been diagnosed as having a language-based learning disability.

Julie Warren, a first-year Master's students in the Speech-Language Pathology program, delivered remarks at the event and highlighted the impact the Foundation's support has had on her education. "The clinical practicum experiences we gain from the programs supported by the Scottish Rite give us the opportunities to learn how to manage and conduct group therapy, as well as provide comprehensive speech and language assessments," said Warren. "These experiences equip us with many skills that we can take forward into our careers, especially in the school setting."

In addition to benefitting both the graduate students in the form of hands-on experience and parents and children with diagnoses and interventions, the NC Scottish Rite Foundation is an integral part of the Department's strategic growth plans. This important role was highlighted by Department Chair, Dr. Jamie Perry. "One of the core components of our growth plan is a continued focus on excellence in serving the public," said Perry. "With the Foundation's continued support, we are confident that we will be to continue and expand our commitment to serving the local community."

The NC Scottish Rite Foundation has supported childhood language disorders clinics since 1972. More broadly, over the last 25 years Scottish Rite Masons have opened 170 Scottish Rite Centers across their southern jurisdiction all with the goal of helping children improve their speech and language abilities.

Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic

A community based clinic for communication disorders. Faculty and supervised graduate students provide diagnostic and therapy for communication disorders to children and adults in areas related to: speech, language, voice, stuttering, aphasia, ALS, and hearing loss. The Clinic has over 3,000 visits per year. Summer camps are given for children with autism, and severe hearing loss.

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