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Labs Resources

Practice Labs Sign-up
Use the "CIL Online Web Services Center" to register for practice labs and check your lab practice hour totals.

  • After logging in, you will see two tabs, "Home" and "Lab Session Management." By default, you will arrive at the "Home" tab. The "Home" page displays your Student Concept/Technique Report. The report displays your accumulated practice lab hours for the semester, sorted by concepts/techniques.
  • If you have not yet participated in a practice lab session, no report will be displayed. If you have already begun attending practice lab sessions and have accumulated hours in practice labs, but there is no report displayed, please notify lab staff so that we can investigate.
  • The "Lab Session Reservation" tab provides access to the "Lab Sign Up/Reservation Management" page where you will register for available practice lab sessions.
  • Please us the link below to proceed to online instructions on how to use the "CILs Online." The link to the CILs online is provided at the end of the instructions.

Please click here to proceed to the "Practice Lab SignUp Instructions" and "CIL Online Web Service Center"

Lab Guidelines
Students should approach lab facilities and patients as if they are in an actual patient care area. This means you are to maintain clean and sterile techniques at all times (no food in patient areas, wear gloves during procedures, etc.). The approved clinical uniform and professional dress code described in the student handbooks applies to the labs.

Skills acquisition will be facilitated by:

  • Self direction and student-centered learning
  • Taking personal responsibility for acquiring clinical skills
  • Making use of teaching aids available in the labs to assist in skill development
  • Using additional practice time to master the more complex skills
  • Coming prepared for scheduled skills practice

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