School of Theatre and Dance
ECU production of West Side Story

Dance Performance

The Dance Performance concentration at East Carolina University prepares the major for a professional performing career. Equal emphasis is placed on the core techniques of ballet, modern and jazz. While the program provides an excellent background in these techniques to produce a versatile dancer, it also allows performance majors to specialize in one of these forms.

Extensive training in technique is augmented with required courses in dance history, improvisation, and choreography, as well as elective courses in tap, pointe, repertory, ballroom, anatomy and kinesiology. Related courses in theatre, art, and music are included in the curriculum.

Master classes have been taught by several widely acclaimed artists and visiting professional companies, including Lane Alexander, Monica Bill Barnes, Mark Dendy, Irene Dowd, Mark Haim, Elie Lazar, Gene Medler, Mia Michaels, Eddie Ocampo, Nick Pupillo, Robert Small, Colleen Thomas, Doug Varone, Edward Villela, and Bill Young.