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Colloquia Schedule:

Colloquia - Fall 2018

  • 9/07 Friday:  Mr. Christopher Garcia (ECU Physics)
  • Cancelled due to inclement weather from Hurricane Florence; will be rescheduled in the spring semester: 9/14 Friday:  Prof. Katharine Tibbetts (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • 9/28 Friday:  Dr. Antoni Aguilar-Mogas (ECU)
  • 10/12 Friday:  Dr. Mauricio Martinex Guerrero (NC State University)
  • 10/19 Friday:  Prof. Kevin Ludwick (Lagrange University)
  • 11/30 Friday:  Prof. Frank Tsui (UNC-Chapel HIll)

Spring 2018

  • 1/19 Friday: Prof. Sheila Kannappan (UNC-Chapel Hill)
  • 1/26 Friday: Prof. Zhengye Xiong (Guangdong Ocean University visiting ECU)
  • 2/02 Friday: Prof. Kuntao Ye (Jiangxi University of Science and Technology visiting UNLV)
  • 2/16 Friday: Mr. Troy Schaudt from Mathematica
  • 3/12 Monday: Dr. Chun Shen (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
  • 3/23 Friday: Prof. Jan Schuemann (Massachusetts General Hospital)
  • 4/06 Friday: Prof. Mithat Unsal (NC State)
  • 4/13 Friday: Prof. Joi P. Walker (ECU Chemistry) & Prof. Steven F. Wolf (ECU Physics)
  • 4/20 Friday: Dr. Guo-Liang Ma (Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics)

Fall 2017

  • 9/22 Friday: Prof. Matthew Green (NC State University)
  • 9/29 Friday: Prof. Guo-Ping Zhou (Gordon Life Science Institute)
  • 10/27 Friday: Prof. Brad Barlow (High Point University)
  • 11/10 Friday: Prof. Phillip S. Barbeau (Duke University)
  • 11/17 Friday: Prof. Adam Offenbacher (ECU Chemistry)
  • 11/29 Tuesday: Dr. Shanshan Cao (Wayne State University)

Spring 2017:

  • 1/27 Friday: Prof. Martin Bier (ECU)
  • 2/17 Friday: Dr. Jonathan Bennett (NC School of Science and Mathematics)
  • 2/24 Friday: Prof. Susan Trammell (UNC-Charlotte)
  • 3/24 Friday: Prof. Rob Hayes (NC State University, Nuclear Engineering)
  • 3/31 Friday: Prof. Michael Kohl (Hampton University)
  • 4/07 Friday: Dr. David A Falconer (University of Alabama in Huntsville/Marshall Space Flight Center)

Fall 2016:

  • 9/23 Friday: Prof. Daniel Dougherty (NC State University)
  • 9/30 Friday: Prof. Paul L Fletcher, Jr (ECU)
  • 10/21 Friday: Prof. Daniel Kim-Shapiro, (Wake Forest University)
  • 10/28 Friday: Prof. Jianping Lu (UNC-Chapel Hill)
  • 11/18 Friday: Prof. Ian Beatty (UNC-Greensboro)

Spring 2016:

  • 2/26 Friday: Prof. Edson Justiniano (ECU), on Gravitational Waves.
  • 4/08 Friday: Prof. David G. Kirsch (Duke), on Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics.
  • 5/12 Thursday: Dr. Yong-Qing Li, Program Managers from the Army Research Laboratory

Fall 2015:

  • 9/11: Prof. Adrienne Erickcek (UNC Chapel Hill)
  • 10/16: Prof. Anna DeJong (Christopher Newport University)
  • 10/23: Prof. Patrick Charbonneau (Duke University)
  • 10/30: Prof. Alexander Gurevich (Old Dominion University)
  • 11/13: Prof. Keith Weninger (NC State University)
  • 11/20: Prof. Moorad Alexanian (UNC-Wilmington

*All colloquia are held on Friday at 3:15 in Howell Science Complex Room N-109, unless otherwise posted.

(Refreshments served at 3:00)

*All seminar requirements are held in Howell Science Complex Room N-109, unless otherwise posted.

Topics will be assigned to the candidates seven days in advance. The events start with a 45 minute presentation on the topic followed by a 45 minute question-and-answer session.

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