current tuition rates for College of Business Graduate campus and DE classes.  You may also visit the Cashiers website for more information.

Campus Fees
Students who are registered as campus-based students pay additional fees that give them access to campus-based amenities/services like the Student Recreation Center, Student Health Services, etc.   Campus-based classes, whether face-to-face or online, use section numbers that begin with 0xx, like 001, 061
, etc.


 Campus-based Tuition & Fees*

North Carolina Resident
 1 class (3sh) $2,235.00  1 class (3sh) $5,522.25
 2 classes (6sh) $3,876.38  2 classes (6sh) $8,807.25
 3 classes (9sh) $4,845.00  3 classes (9sh) $11,419.50

Each additional campus class above 3 costs $375. If a student takes any combination of online and campus-based courses in a term, tuition will be charged as if
all of the classes are campus-based. *Tuition is subject to change.

DE Students
Students who are registered as Distance Education students pay lower student fees.  Tuition is typically less for Distance Education classes if a student is part time and taking only online classes.  Distance Education classes are designated with section numbers beginning with 6xx, like 601, 602, 603, or 661, 662, 663 etc.  Students who are registered for all Distance Education classes do not have access to any campus amenities/services except the library.


Online Tuition & Fees*

North Carolina Resident
 1 class (3sh) $1,122.78  1 class (3sh) $3,056.46
 2 classes (6sh) $2,245.56  2 classes (6sh) $6,112.92
 3 classes (9sh) $3,368.34  3 classes (9sh) $9,169.38
 Each additional online class above 3 costs $1,122.78 Each additional online class above 3 costs $3,056.46

Once you have registered for courses, you may pay your tuition online via PiratePort.  Please check the academic calendar
 for tuition deadlines.  Schedules are purged for students who have not paid tuition; the entire schedule is purged if there is any balance due.  Please check you tuition statement via PiratePort if you modify your schedule during the registration period.  Keep a copy of your tuition payment receipt for your records.
Student refunds issued from the Cashier's Office will be handled electronically through TouchNet. Students currently access TouchNet through the ECU Pirate Port to view bills, make payments, view, download, and print 1098-T tax statements, and set up tuition payment plans. All students should set up a direct deposit (ACH) refund profile in the TouchNet eRefunds system. With the eRefunds process through TouchNet, students have the option for refunds to be deposited directly into a designated bank account of their choice. If direct deposit information is not provided to the University, refund checks will be mailed to the student. Visit the Cashier's page for more information.