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What is e~Print ?
e~Print is a web-based system for securely and quickly presenting Banner Reports to end users. Using a web browser and the free Adobe ® Acrobat Reader, e~Print users can view reports in a user friendly format that is easy to read, search and print.
When do I use e~Print ?
Use e~Print to view reports to complete the Monthly Departmental Review or to perform data searches. If needed, reports can be printed at the user's desktop printer.
Which reports will I see on e~Print ?
Many Financial, Human Resources, Student, and Accounts Payable reports are available in e~Print.
What software do I need to get started using e~Print ?
You will need a current version MS ® Internet Explorer  and current version of Adobe ® Acrobat Reader installed on the computer used to access e~Print reports. These software updates are offered free of charge through internet download and are conveniently located for download from this ECU site. If you need help downloading this software, contact the help desk at 328-9866.
How to Request e~Print Security Access?

To gain e~Print security access to Banner Finance reports, please complete a Banner Finance Security Form located on Pirate Port.  On the Banner Finance Security Form, please select GL SSB and inquiry and Budget Transfers and the appropriate Organizations and this will grant security access to the financial reports.

How do I use e~Print ?
e~Print is a user friendly product, and training is available. The e~Print Training dates are listed on Pirate Port under Cornerstone Employee Training. If you have e~Print questions contact Penney Doughtie, at 328-2706 or doughtiep@ecu.edu.
How to view e~Print reports?
It is recommended that Adobe Acrobat is used to view e~Print reports. To download Adobe Acrobat go to http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/.