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Supporting research and creative activity

 to promote faculty success within ECU

 and community and economic development

 within our region.

Research, Economic Development, and Engagement (REDE)

Welcome to the Division of Research, Economic Development, and Engagement. We are proud of East Carolina University's growing research community and integration into eastern North Carolina. We support faculty research, scholarship, and creative activity within ECU and promote community and corporate partnerships that benefit the region.

 Roles and Responsibilities

  • Fosters success of faculty research, scholarship, and creative activity consistent with ECU's strategic goals.
  • Facilities efforts at the intersection of research, economic development, engagement and public service that seek to address ECU's mission.
  • Provides institutional resources to support new and existing research and engagement endeavors.
  • Leads the strategic planning for research, economic development, and engagement.
  • Administers sponsored research and research compliance.

  • Links external partners with expertise and programs within the university.

  • Brings faculty, students, and programs from across the institution together to solve compelling problems.
  • Approves all proposals for extramural funding.
  • Negotiates grants, contracts, and Memoranda of Understanding for grant-funded activities.
  • Promotes the ethical conduct of research and oversees compliance activities at ECU.
  • Promotes economic engagement by partnering with regional businesses for mutual benefit.
  • Assists in technology transfer of new intellectual property by ECU faculty and staff.
  • Provides support and guidance for community engaged scholarship.
  • Leads the institution in providing public service to the community.
  • Works closely with the Provost / Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and the Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences to coordinate the effective use of available resources to support the above.
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