Suspension and Readmission


Students who fail to meet the required GPA while on probation will be suspended from the university unless the student:

  • earns at least a 2.5 GPA on their attempted hours in the current probationary semester,

  • or 

  • is readmitted by the Readmission Appeals Committee  following submission of an appeal to that committee.  Evidence of  participation in the intervention program prescribed by the academic  unit to which the student is assigned or the Academic Support Center in  the Office of Undergraduate Studies is considered.

Appeals of Suspension

Only students who have completed the required intervention strategies are eligible to appeal for exception to suspension. A student who wishes to appeal his or her suspension must appeal in writing to the Readmission Appeals Committee. The appeal form must be received in Academic Services by 5:00 p.m. according to the deadline in the university catalog.

The appeal should contain rationale for the appeal; documentation of personal, family or medical problems; and where available a copy of the intervention plan signed by the adviser or departmental representative.

Continuing students who have served a portion of their suspension, and who wish exemption from the remainder, may submit a letter of appeal. This letter must be received according to the deadlines stated in the previous paragraph. The Student Academic Appellate Committee normally will not approve appeals from ineligible students unless they are based on personal or family problems of an extreme nature or on evidence of substantial academic improvement.