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Welcome to the Office of Research Integrity & Compliance

The mission of the Office of Research Integrity & Compliance (ORIC) is to:

  • Provide services to ECU faculty, staff, students, and affiliate employees in areas of research compliance;
  • Ensure the best possible protections for human rights and welfare in research;
  • Promote research compliance through education, consultation, and oversight; and 
  • Facilitate research that will positively impact public services and regional transformation.
ORIC is dedicated to cultivating a culture of ethics, integrity, and compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and policies. The office coordinates compliance measures on both the academic and health sciences campuses. ORIC acts as a resource for the university's concerns regarding compliance requirements. Our goal is to help facilitate research and ensure it is done safely, ethically, and within the constraints of the federal and state laws as well as institutional policies and procedures.

ORIC is charged with compliance matters including:

  • Use of humans in research
  • Conflict of interest (for both research and non-research related interests);
  • Export control;
  • Responsible conduct of research;
  • Health Insurability, Portability, and Accountability Act as it applies to research; and
  • Use of unmanned aircraft systems. 


The Office of Research Integrity & Compliance (ORIC) website has been re-designed. This re-design reflects the growth of the office from “the IRB” to an office that is charged with ensuring compliance in matters related to human research, conflicts of interest (COI), export control, responsible conduct of research (RCR), and HIPAA Compliance as it applies to human research.
You will find the ORIC website is composed of three distinct, but related, sub-sites. The sub-sites include University & Medical Center Institutional Review Board (UMCIRB); Research Compliance Administration; and Research HIPAA Compliance.
The UMCIRB subsite contains all of the information you are used to finding when you visited the UMCIRB site prior to the redesign. The navigation tabs are now at the top of the screen and are somewhat similar to the navigation tabs on the old website. In addition to the existing information from the old website you will find new information and links related human research. The new information and links have been added to reflect the evolving nature of human research at ECU and its affiliated institutions. As before, you will continue to find the link to ePIRATE in the UMCIRB sub-site.
The Research Compliance Administration sub-site contains all of the information you are used to finding when you visited the ECU Research Compliance website prior to the re-design. You will continue to find information related COI and management of COI, RCR, Export Controls and the link to AIR (Activities, Interests, and Relationships Management System), the portal to manage all disclosure and request forms related to COI and commitment.
The Research HIPAA Compliance subsite is a new site. This sub-site contains information related to regulations, policies and procedures and forms and documents relevant to maintaining compliance with HIPAA requirements as they relate to human research.
ePIRATE upgrade to software Version 8.0. In addition to behind the scenes improvements this upgrade will result in an updated appearance of the system when you are logged in.